Do you need a website that is cost-effective to maintain? WordPress is the way to go.

WordPress is a flexible, easy-to-use, content management system (CMS) that enables non-programmers to maintain their online content. WordPress is a robust CMS system, where the content of the website is separate from the design. Most often associated with blog sites, WordPress is extremely versatile and can be customised to your needs. There are hundreds of plugins and widgets you can add to your WordPress website, that provide no end of neat features you can add to its functionality.

I will install WordPress on your website hosting, and get you up and running smoothly and quickly. I can also provide a unique WordPress theme (design) to enhance your branding, or customise an existing theme.

If you’d like training in how to use WordPress to update the content on your site, I can provide this too.

Email me Tel: 01223 290242

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