Veronika Sophia Robinson

Veronika is an independent celebrant, celebrant trainer and the author of many non-fiction books and novels.

Veronika has been a client of mine for many years and we have worked together on several iterations of her website. This time, Veronika wanted a complete overhaul, with the primary goal to make the website fully responsive on mobile devices. Veronika had already done plenty of research into how she’d like the website to look to reflect her ‘brand archetype’ of Autumn (hessian, bright orange, purple, rustic, wood, and earthy were her main keywords for me). She also provided me with a fantastic array of resources including a Pinterest board for inspiration.

I moved the whole website into WordPress, along with her complete blog archive, and customised a theme to reflect Veronika’s brand personality. I also designed a typography-based logo and colour palette for the site’s visual identity.

Services provided

Branding & Identity Logo Design Wordpress


“Karen Arnott has been my web designer for more than a decade. Most recently, I asked her to give my site a complete overhaul (as it has had various incarnations due to the several career hats I wear), primarily so that it was mobile-friendly.

Not only has she done that, but she’s given it a lovely make-over which feels fresh and aligned with my brand values.

Without fail, Karen always delivers promptly, professionally, and with great care to detail. I’m so grateful that she’s my web designer as I always feel like she’s in my corner and helping me to keep my ‘shop front’ looking good.

Veronika Robinson
Celebrant | Celebrant Trainer | Author

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